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On a Halloween night,
when the fullmoon shined bright,
the Kremlings were eager to prepare
themselves for innocent kids to scare.
Klump, Krusha and K. Rool dressed as mutant pumpkins.
Comparing to their sizes, all the people seemed like munchkins.
With the Kremling king as the leader, they went from door to door
in hope to get a lot of sweet treats, more and more.
The first house to stop by was at Dixie Kong,
dressed as a pixie with her hair smooth and long.

"Trick or treat, sour or sweet,
give us something good to eat.
And if you don’t, we’ll have our way,
by eating all of your food anyway!”

The Kremlings sang in front of the little girl.
She answered with a spin and a twirl:

"I’m just a tooth fairy and everything sweet
will just ruin your white and sharp teeth.
But I have mints and sugarfreee bubblegum,
so I hope you still will have lots of fun.”

When Dixie gave the Kremlings mints and gums,
they swallowed them all and into their tums.
Well, that wasn’t filling, so they went to the next door,
where Diddy lived and he won’t be such a bore!
When they knocked, Diddy opened wide!
He was dressed up as Dr. Jekyll’s Mr. Hyde.

"Trick or treat, sour or sweet,
give us something good to eat.
And if you don’t, you’ll face consequences.
We’ll sit on you until you come to your senses!”

The Kremlings sang and implied,
however, Diddy replied:

"I don’t wish to be sat on, by all means,
but all I have are just plenty of jellybeans!
But they come in many flavors, even apples and cherries,
bananas, pineapples, oranges and berries.”

Diddy gave the Kremlings jellybeans and closed the door fast.
Klump, Krusha and K. Rool would gulp them down to the very last.
That was appetizing, but not good enough,
so they went to the next door to knock on it very rough.
Funky opened the door with a frown upside down.
He was dressed up as a colorful, silly clown.

"Trick or treat, sour or sweet,
give us something good to eat.
And if you don’t, we’re going to be mean.
We’ll eat and gobble up your whole kitchen clean.”

"If you think you can fright a clown,
you three can get out of town!
But since you rhymed, I’ll give you some slack.
Here: Have some soda and poprocks and snacks!”

Funky was generous to the Kremlings
and he gave them all sorts of edible things.
As greedy as they were, they devoured everything fast and quick.
Some people would have become really ill and sick.
But unlike them, they rather felt like they were about to bloat.
Slowly their scaly bellies grew as big as a motorboat.
How could they still waddle in such a gigantic size?
For the big Kremlings like them, gaining some girth was no surprise.
So before they would fall over and roll on the floor,
they stomped to the next neighbour’s door.
With his overly exposed navel, K. Rool rang the bell.
Cranky came out and he didn’t look so well.

"Trick or treat, sour or sweet,
give us something good to eat.
And if you don’t, we’ll sit on you
and there will be nothing you can do!”

The Kremlings sang before their bellies started to rumble,
which caused the old ape to stumble.

"Are you out of your minds? Look at yourselves!
From gluttons like you we’d rather hide ourselves!
Here, I’ll help you: Take these diet pills.
Now get out of my property, you’re giving me the chills!”

King K. Rool warned him: “That’s not what we wanted to hear.
Now be a good ape and hand over the sweets right here!”

"I don’t have any! I hate them, okay?
Bother someone else, just go away!”

This angered the Kremling king and he sat on the old grouch.
As flat as a pancake, Cranky just uttered: “Ouch.”

"You should have given us what we wished for." King K. Rool said.
"But you apparently prefered to be sat on instead."

"I lied! I lied!"
Cranky replied.

"There are boxes full of candy canes, Donkey Kong gave them to me!
Every year he’d do that but he never listened to me!
So now they’re all in the basement, go ahead!
Take them all, I just want to go to bed…”

A half hour later, after devouring all the candy canes,
The Kremlings’ round and candy-filled bodies reached the size of airplanes!

The last door they needed to knock on was at DK’s house,
where he was staying with Candy Kong, his lovely spouse.
It was Klump’s turn to ring the bell,
but instead he tripped over a rock and fell.
CRASH! The whole house fell apart.
Klump smashed it with his gut, which wasn’t so smart.
Luckily for the Kremlings, DK and his wife didn’t move an inch.
Too flat as they were, they couldn’t even flinch.
So they called it a day, which was a success and a victory.
As titanic as they were, it was the Kremling’s Halloween moment of glory.

The End!

Happy Halloween!~
Trick-or-treat - A DKC Halloween poem
I hope you like that silly poem I wrote for Halloween. :pumpkin:
It has some weight gain on it, but what did you expect what happens after eating so much candy? :P

Characters (c) Nintendo & Rareware
Super Mario Power Tennis: Klaptraps! by LazyAsHell
Super Mario Power Tennis: Klaptraps!
This cute and adorable fanart was inspired by the game with the DKC tennis court with the Kritters in the background and the Klaptraps as a distraction. X3 I don't know what they were doing down there, but it didn't look like they were biting the Kong's feet, more like attaching to them like some sort of magnets. :XD: But what if they just want to be cute as heck and lick their feet like little puppies? XP *lol*…

P.S.: Last submission before I will be busy for two weeks. <:3

Characters (c) Nintendo & Rareware


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Current Residence: At home of course
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Jazz, Swing, Reggae, Ska
Favourite style of art: Bizarre cartoon style from all genres, except flash cartoons nowadays.
Favourite cartoon character: Every wacky cartoon character
Personal Quote: Personal quote? What's that?

I don't talk about myself so often, but if you want to know some stuff about me, here are some little informations:

I'm 50% shy, 30% rebellious and 20% mysterious
In real life I'm rather boring and unfunny than on the internet.
But I love to wear cool clothes and try my best to look and be charming, even though it doesn't work all the time.

My favourite hobby is drawing, but if I don't draw, I play videogames, play the clarinet, travel or go shopping. I've been to many places in Europe, but I'd love to see more. And maybe someday I'd like to visit the U.S.A. and Canada.

Favourite colour: black
Favourite fragrance: vanilla
Favourite season: summer
Favourite videogame hero: Yoshi
Favourite videogame villain: King K. Rool
Favourite cartoon hero: Earthworm Jim
Favourite cartoon villain: Dr. Ivo "PINGAS" Eggman/Robotnik
Favourite animal: cat
Favourite websites: Thatguywiththeglasses, Cinemassacre, Southparkstudios, Youtube

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King-K'-Rool - LazyAsHell's

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