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Good night and see you guys in about two weeks or so! I might be really busy during the days but I will do my best to continue working on "The Final Chapter".
The Detective Duo in: The Final Chapter (page 02) by LazyAsHell
The Detective Duo in: The Final Chapter (page 02)
Previous page:…

Well, it took me a long time because there were so many windows I drew in there and originally there were supposed to be more. ^^;
Here's where things start to get interesting for Imp. More pages to come soon, there's just a lot to do in the meantime.
Finally I have a wireless internet at my own home and it feels really good not to use the cable all the time! :D

On another note, my vacation will start in May 14th, but evilkenny4 will visit me on May 18th. It's just too bad that I won't be able to visit him once again this year due to the lack of vacations I have. ;_; And my vacation will end in the beginning of June. 

Oh well, I hope that the weather will be great when Iky arrives, I sure would love to show him my new bike and all that stuff. XP

That's all so far, sorry if I'm slow with journals and drawings lately. I will try to keep up the pace with the "Final chapter" comic. <:3
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The Detective Duo in: The Final Chapter (page 01) by LazyAsHell
The Detective Duo in: The Final Chapter (page 01)
Man, this took me a long time to upload the first page of the last Detective Duo comic I wanted to work on, isn't that right? ^^; Well, right now I have plenty of pages scanned, they just need to be inked yet, like this one for example. :nod: As my Sam & Max fancharacters, Val and Imp, they'll have their last but still very big adventure ahead. So I hope you will like the story.
Futuristic Val: New style (from the back) by LazyAsHell
Futuristic Val: New style (from the back)
A continutation for the other drawing:…
I'm using these as references for her new design. I want to make sure I will draw her not too different for each panel in my future comic project "The Final chapter".

Since my sister and her husband are staying for a couple of days, I won't be online a lot, not even on Skype.
The only times I might pop up online are the times around 5:30 AM to 7:25 AM, which means for people in the US that I might be around nighttime probably. ^^; But only until weekend arrives, so don't worry. <:3
Good news is that my cough is finally gone! Yay! It's been over two months since I had to deal with the constant coughing and medication and a rough voice, which also ended with a heavy pain in the chest. But thank goodness it's over!

On monday I will have my birthday, so I won't be so much online on that day too, but I will do my best to keep up with the updates.

In the meantime, guys: Take care and have great days. :wave:

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Roserade by LazyAsHell
Finally, spring has come to town!~ :flower:
This Pokémon is one of my favourite plant types next to Sceptile and Breloom. :D

Character (c) Nintendo, Gamefreak & Creatures Inc.
Nowhere to go to... by LazyAsHell
Nowhere to go to...
This is a very old drawing I decided to upload just now because of reasons.

Have you ever felt like worse than shit and you can't talk to anyone IRL you can trust?
That's how I mostly feel after each argument I'm getting into, mostly family related. Sometimes work-related and internet-related as well, but not as much.

Drawing (c) LazyAsHell
... is getting called fat by my mom in the morning! Why? How the hell should I know? Actually she just said that everyone in the family is fat! Everyone! Then I asked her if she thought that I was fat too and she couldn't bring out a yes in front of me, she just said: "You're not as fat as us, but you can a lot thinner in your age." Pardon me? Is that a way to treat their own family? Couldn't she see that I'm dealing with this problem 24/7? Because, y'know: Having a little time for workout and having to spend most of the day at work, at an office, does that to you! Getting fat!

I was never happy with my body myself, ever since I got into puberty. And then she asked me: "Can't you see that the whole family, even your brother, is getting fatter?" So? He has a family on his own, he has to take care of a baby and he's working an an office as well, fulltime just like me! She however has all the time in the world to work out herself, but what does she do? Nagging and complaining about the rest of the family getting fat! What an idol, isn't she? Gah, and the worst comes in the evening! I confronted my mom about this after I finished my day at work and she was all like: "Oh, I completely forgot about this topic! You always have to bring up these things like it was the worst thing ever!" Me? Bringing it up?!?! She friggin' started it in the first place! I'm a child of peace, but when someone or somebody brings up an issue that insults, offends and hurts other people's feelings, I'm getting so outraged I want to choke someone or something! GRRRRR! And then guess what? She friggin' laughed! She thinks I'm a joke, I'm exaggerating things while SHE is the one getting upset about the family getting fat, and oh, how two-faced she can be! Randomly she says how beautiful I am and all that fake shit but I don't believe her anymore! She can say whatever she wants now, but once you call everyone fat, you will see what kind of a mistake that was. God damnit, my mom can't even friggin' apologize either, just like my sister! What the heck is wrong with my family? I mean really, they always have to find an argument just to have something to talk about, woop-dee-doo!

Oh, and we still get a two-course meal cooked by mom after a long day at work. So yeah, those were my two friggin' cents said about my mother. I can't believe this bullshit anymore... I bought an e-bike two days ago, the week before I was on foot and took the bus most of the time to work and from work and that's what I get to hear today. Great. Seems like whatever I do seems like nothing to my mom, no matter what I do or tell her. It's like talking to a wall that mocks you when you have something to say. It's a miracle I'm still talking to her after all this...

Sorry you guys had to read this, I was on 180° and I had to let it out somehow... -.-'
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G'ah! Do you guys still remember my obsession with Tomodachi Life? Yes, I still play it! But furthermore, now I have Tomodachi Collection, a japanese import for NDS. Since I got myself a NDS emulator and the patched ROM, I can't stop playing this one too. ;w; It's so funny to see the differences and the way the Miis sound like in japanese.
Earthworm Jim in: Warm Easter Greetings by LazyAsHell
Earthworm Jim in: Warm Easter Greetings
Jim didn't even care to know who sent that egg to him, just if it's a chocolate egg or not. :P But well, now he's learned his lesson perhaps. X3

Here's something short but just in time for the Easter Holidays, happy chocolate bunny day! 8D

Characters (c) Shiny Entertainment
MLP fanarts on Kirby Fanclubs? Really? Just stop, okay? Just stop!
Baby Psy-Crow by LazyAsHell
Baby Psy-Crow
A tiny drawing for a tiny birb. :3 Sorry, I just felt like drawing something cute again. XP
Well, I know someone drew something like this before, but come on! I'm sure that Psy-Crow was a super adorable baby back then. X,3

Psy-Crow (chick form) from Earthworm Jim (c) Shiny Entertainment
Earthworm Jim in: Porkboarding (Page 3 - END) by LazyAsHell
Earthworm Jim in: Porkboarding (Page 3 - END)
This is the last page of my first Earthworm Jim fanart comic. Cheeses, I wish that happened in the actual game. But I guess the actual ending in Earthworm Jim 3d might be okay too. :shrug:

Page 1 -…
Page 2 -…

Characters (c) Shiny Entertainment


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I don't talk about myself so often, but if you want to know some stuff about me, here are some little informations:

I'm 50% shy, 30% rebellious and 20% stupid.
In real life I'm rather boring and unfunny than on the internet.
But I love to wear cool clothes and try my best to look and be charming, even though it doesn't work all the time.

My favourite hobby is drawing, but if I don't draw, I play videogames, travel or go shopping. I've been to many places in Europe, but I'd love to see more. And maybe someday I'd like to visit the U.S.A. and Canada.

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