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Paula Bear by LazyAsHell
Paula Bear
An old existing character I created back in 2001, now modified as some kind of a second Tally Bear.… Her name was Paula before but her full name was Paula Peak. Now she's a fighter character like Tally. X3
Yeah, okay, I know now that the vote isn't over yet! I really must have ridiculed myself for not knowing that I suppose. ^^;
It's something Smash Bros. related, so if you're not interested, just ignore the journal. ^^;

It has been announced that Roy from Fire Emblem and Ryu from the Street Fighter series are DLCs this summer. I can understand why Roy was requested, but why Ryu!?
He's been in crossover games before a lot of times, he'd be one of the least wanted characters for Smash, at least in my book! You might as well throw in Jin from the Tekken series and Felicia from Dark Stalkers! Gah, why didn't the Vote4KRool campaign succeed?! :,( There were lots of people beside me who missed King K. Rool and we definitely wanted to see him again. I guess the dream is over now...
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The Detective Duo in: The Final Chapter (page 06) by LazyAsHell
The Detective Duo in: The Final Chapter (page 06)
Page 1:…
Page 2:…
Page 3:…
Page 4:…
Page 5:…

Another old fancharacter is returning, this time it's one of my Drawn Together fancharacters from my old fanfiction, Drawn Together Survival. As you can see right here on the far right:… Intruder Monkeyfist is an Invader Zim parody character. Nowadays I don't like that name anymore. Looking for a new name but haven't found one yet. If I won't come up with anything, this character will remain nameless.
The Detective Duo in: The Final Chapter (page 05) by LazyAsHell
The Detective Duo in: The Final Chapter (page 05)
Page 1:…
Pager 2:…
Page 3:…
Page 4:…

And now you see my AoSth fancharacters returning from a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long hiatus! Well, some might still remember Itch, the robot on the second to last panel, standing on the right side. Here are some older drawings of her. X3………
The other robot didn't have a name yet for a long time, until I was torn between Ivy and Pinch and in the end I chose Pinch! So Itch and Pinch, next page is going to be uploaded soon. :)

"Hey, Amigos!
Do you know Amiibos?
They're rare but splendid!
With the figurines there's always
something going on!
So get them
before they're all gone!
And then you get them
over the internet only.
And very expensive!
That's not nice at all!"
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*lol* I just found out that Mortal Kombat X isn't really banned in Germany, just not available at local game stores and such. On Amazon I pre-ordered the game for my PS3 without any trouble so far. :D
Good night and see you guys in about two weeks or so! I might be really busy during the days but I will do my best to continue working on "The Final Chapter".
The Detective Duo in: The Final Chapter (page 02) by LazyAsHell
The Detective Duo in: The Final Chapter (page 02)
Previous page:…

Well, it took me a long time because there were so many windows I drew in there and originally there were supposed to be more. ^^;
Here's where things start to get interesting for Imp. More pages to come soon, there's just a lot to do in the meantime.
Finally I have a wireless internet at my own home and it feels really good not to use the cable all the time! :D

On another note, my vacation will start in May 14th, but evilkenny4 will visit me on May 18th. It's just too bad that I won't be able to visit him once again this year due to the lack of vacations I have. ;_; And my vacation will end in the beginning of June. 

Oh well, I hope that the weather will be great when Iky arrives, I sure would love to show him my new bike and all that stuff. XP

That's all so far, sorry if I'm slow with journals and drawings lately. I will try to keep up the pace with the "Final chapter" comic. <:3
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The Detective Duo in: The Final Chapter (page 01) by LazyAsHell
The Detective Duo in: The Final Chapter (page 01)
Man, this took me a long time to upload the first page of the last Detective Duo comic I wanted to work on, isn't that right? ^^; Well, right now I have plenty of pages scanned, they just need to be inked yet, like this one for example. :nod: As my Sam & Max fancharacters, Val and Imp, they'll have their last but still very big adventure ahead. So I hope you will like the story.
Futuristic Val: New style (from the back) by LazyAsHell
Futuristic Val: New style (from the back)
A continutation for the other drawing:…
I'm using these as references for her new design. I want to make sure I will draw her not too different for each panel in my future comic project "The Final chapter".

Since my sister and her husband are staying for a couple of days, I won't be online a lot, not even on Skype.
The only times I might pop up online are the times around 5:30 AM to 7:25 AM, which means for people in the US that I might be around nighttime probably. ^^; But only until weekend arrives, so don't worry. <:3
Good news is that my cough is finally gone! Yay! It's been over two months since I had to deal with the constant coughing and medication and a rough voice, which also ended with a heavy pain in the chest. But thank goodness it's over!

On monday I will have my birthday, so I won't be so much online on that day too, but I will do my best to keep up with the updates.

In the meantime, guys: Take care and have great days. :wave:

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Current Residence: At home of course
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M/L
Favourite genre of music: Medieval music, Heavy Metal, Medieval Rock, Rock, Jazz, Swing, Reggae, Ska
Favourite style of art: Bizarre cartoon style from all genres, except flash cartoons nowadays.
Favourite cartoon character: Every wacky cartoon character
Personal Quote: Personal quote? What's that?

I don't talk about myself so often, but if you want to know some stuff about me, here are some little informations:

I'm 50% shy, 30% rebellious and 20% stupid.
In real life I'm rather boring and unfunny than on the internet.
But I love to wear cool clothes and try my best to look and be charming, even though it doesn't work all the time.

My favourite hobby is drawing, but if I don't draw, I play videogames, travel or go shopping. I've been to many places in Europe, but I'd love to see more. And maybe someday I'd like to visit the U.S.A. and Canada.

Favourite colour: black
Favourite fragrance: vanilla
Favourite season: summer
Favourite videogame hero: Yoshi
Favourite videogame villain: King K. Rool
Favourite cartoon hero: Earthworm Jim
Favourite cartoon villain: Dr. Ivo "PINGAS" Eggman/Robotnik
Favourite animal: cat
Favourite websites: Thatguywiththeglasses, Cinemassacre, Southparkstudios, Youtube

The Zombie Bite Calculator

King-K'-Rool - LazyAsHell's

My all time favourite Pokémon:
Aromatisse by CreepyJellyfishKrookodile by CreepyJellyfishTyranitar by CreepyJellyfishSceptile by CreepyJellyfishSwampert by CreepyJellyfishSmeargle by CreepyJellyfishSeismitoad by CreepyJellyfishScrafty by CreepyJellyfish

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